Maria Reali, LCPC-C

Finding help and support for your child can be a difficult task. I believe that children are unique, and therefore so are their needs. Part of my journey with your child will involve focusing on establishing a trusting relationship and allowing them the freedom to explore on their own terms.
By doing so, I can get the best sense of how to approach your child’s individual needs and your areas of concern. A core belief in my practice is that children explore, communicate, and learn through play. My use of play in therapy through a combination of non-directive, and directive modalities can create opportunities to promote your child’s cognitive development as well as help them develop insight around feelings, resolution of inner
conflict or negative thinking patterns, adaptive behaviors, and corrective emotional experiences imperative for healing.


I have experience in treating children with trauma, anxiety, depression, neurodevelopmental disorders, grief, and stressors relating to changes in family/living dynamics.